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A slight change

Lthania, Dec 7, 10 6:27 AM.
As our awesome guild slowly but steady is growing we decided its time we needed some help in the form from a other officer , specialy with all the Steve's and Scotish
After some talk we came to the conclusion that Venner would be the right person for this job as he already has experiance in this madness and already took some of the raid leading on him, witch we are gratefull for.
Thankfully Venner said yes ((yes I forgive you that you killed your gm the first night you raided with us back then :P)) so as of yesterday night he is the new officer in the house, dont hastitate to go to him with all your problems guys.
 Kidding kidding, or am I? .

Welcome as officer Venner and thank you for helping the guild and its great people in it.

The fall of the Lich King

Xeronias, Nov 11, 10 5:55 PM.
It has happened, people!

The Lich King
, has fallen. Frostmourne shattered, as he lay smitten on the floor.

With only a handful of wipes, we got in there, and we did what Endurance was really known for, kicking some ass.

With the group consisting of Dorjon, Venner, Llewindyrr, Serafina, Drisandria, Siebs, Lukzard, Paladaran, Lthania and myself,
we had a great laugh, a smashing night, and got a few achievements for the people that haven't done it before.

Although, we will be continuing to smash Lich King in the face every week, i'm sure. The people who missed out this time will get the title for sure, hopefully before Cataclysm.

Drops were: Windrunner`s Heartseeker (Item) and Pugius, Fist of Defiance (Item)

Well done guys, i'm extremely happy with how tonight went, didn't expect it and yet it was hit right out of the park.

..Oh, and we totally didn't wipe on Sarth10 3D first time... *cough*

Windy Sindy

Xeronias, Oct 21, 10 5:40 PM.
Soldiers of Endurance!

We marched into Icecrown Citadel, roaring for glory, and we got it!

Sindragosa, the well known bitch of the Citadel, is now a pile of bones on the floor!

The pretty necklace dropped and went to Venner, and the equally as pretty shield went to Scarlet.

The fight, was a very interesting one with the new buff, although we had a few deaths during, it was a race to the death, and we eventually won it! She clawed her way through everyone, whacked her tail and thrashed around, t'was epic i tell you, but she still went down unwillingly.

Then, to The Lich King we pressed on towards! Quite a few attempts on him, getting the first phase down and correct, still a little iffy but for the first night we did brilliant. Brilliant i say!

Well done guys, we kicked some ass and took Sindy's name for our kill list, and next, LICHY BITCH! \o/

Barnyard Citadel 2: Heroic livestock

Xeronias, Oct 6, 10 7:14 PM.
Walp, this is the first bit of news i post on this site, but there are a few back on the old site that the older members may have seen and got the title reference.

Barnyard Citadel! We had Chickens and Trees and Sheep and and Moo Cows! Heroic attempts on Marrowgar included!

..Although, heroic needs a tad bit of work. We decided to carry on with normal (of course putting Lootship on HC) past the wipes and then wiped Icecrown Citadel like bounty kitchen roll on common kitchen stains.

Deathwhisper dead, Lootship blown to smithereens, Deathbringer got death brought upon him, Rotface is decomposing, Festergut is festering like his beautiful brother, Professor Putricide has bad news but won't be able to broadcast and the Blood Princes suck, 'nuff said. (Not that i know if they do or not, they are blood elves.)

We got lewts, lols, and a good night, thanks to the healers for healing the shish out of everyone in Blood Princes, the dpsers for doing their thang of moving out of the bad stuff, kickin' ass and taking names for us all and my fellow off-tank, because he knows what to do, has leet tanking skills and listens! Unlike some off-tanks i've had. *mutter*

But yes, well done to you all, you did brilliantly, "The Core" is back in business and we're going to show Blood Queen, Valithria and Sindragosa that we don't screw around (Marn dismissed from that one), who knows, maybe Lich King can have a taste of what's to come, eh guys?

Love y'all.

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